Our Governance

IDA is governed by a 40-member Board of Directors. To assure that the global desalination community is properly represented within the Association’s leadership, 21 elected directorships are apportioned between the five regions (Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa, North America, Pacific and Asia) in proportion to the number of Class I and Class II members in good standing in each region. The other eight voting Directors are appointed by IDA’s Regional Affiliates.  In addition, eight nonvoting directors are appointed by IDA’s Association Affiliates.  Three other officers are also included in the 40 members of IDA’s Board.

The current term runs from October 2017 through October 2019.

Standing Committees


This committee must be made up of the Comptroller as Chairman and the remaining members of the committee may not be Directors and may not have any business dealings with the Association during the past year.

Chairperson:  Dr. Emilio Gabbrielli
Co-Chairperson:  Mr. Guillaume Clairet
Ms. Hattie Wang

Conference/World Congress

The main function of this committee is to prepare the Technical Program for the World Congress. This includes preparing the Call for Papers and allocation of abstracts; preparing session categories; nominating session co-chairs; and then reviewing all abstracts, draft manuscripts and final presentations. This is done with the support of IDA’s head office and our online paper management/submission program. All other related World Congress activities are handled by the IDA office.

Chairperson:  Mr. Imad Makhzoumi
Co-Chairpersons:  Mr. Fady Juez, Prof. In S. Kim, Mr. Nassar Lootah
Eng. Zamzam AlRakaf
Prof. Gary Amy
Mr. Borja Blanco
Ms. Monica Boodhan
Dr. Celeste Cecilia Moles Lo Turco
Mr. Guillaume Clairet
Dr. Mike Dixon
Mr. Yoshinari Fusaoka
Ms. Naomi Jones
Prof. Maria Kennedy
Mr. Youqing Li
Mr. Shawn Meyer-Steele
Mr. Jonathan Pressdee
Dr. Guoling Ruan
Mrs. Blanca Salgado
Mr. Devesh Sharma
Dr. Corrado Sommariva
Mrs. Haifa Shaar
Mr. Mounib Hatab
Mr. Yousef Gebril (DEWA)
Dr. Yousef Ebrahim Al Akraf (DEWA)
Mr. Waleed Salman (DEWA)

Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution Committee reviews the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws and, as needed, makes motions to amend the Constitution or Bylaws following the procedures outlined in the Constitution.

Chairperson:  Mr. Mounib Hatab
Mr. Devesh Sharma
Ms. Blanca Salgado


The Finance Committee, which reports to the Treasurer, reviews the finances of the Association and prepares quarterly financial reports based on data supplied by the bookkeeper and accountant. The Treasurer reviews the investments of the Association and makes quarterly recommendations to the President on a strategic approach regarding investments.

Chairperson:  Mr. Carlos Cosin
Mr. Alejandro Sturniolo

Membership & Elections

The Membership & Elections Committee is responsible for reviewing all new members and submitting the names to the Board for acceptance on a regular basis. The Committee is also responsible for recommending any increase in dues and recommending any new membership categories for review. The Committee also develops new membership development campaigns to increase and retain membership. The other function of the Committee is to prepare a slate of directors once every two years and provide this to the office to assure that the ballot for new directors is adequately populated. The Membership Committee must have at least one General Member for each region.

Chairperson:  Mr. Johnny Obeid
Co-Chairperson:  Mr. Domingo Zarzo Martinez
Eng. Zamzam AlRakaf
Mr. Gerard Canton
Mr. Juan Miguel Pinto


The Operations Committee is the executive committee of IDA, chaired by the President and its composition spelled out by the Constitution:  The Operations Committee shall be composed of eight Directors to include the President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President. The Secretary General is a member ex officio.

Chairperson: Mr. Miguel Angel Sanz
Eng. Zamzam AlRakaf
Mr. Borja Blanco
Mr. Carlos Cosin
Mr. Rachid Ghamraoui
Mr. Youqing Li
Mr. Maurice Neo
Mr. Devesh Sharma


The Publications Committee reports to the Editor. Together with the Editor, the Publications Committee reviews all IDA publications – both new and existing – and makes recommendations to the Board on updating existing publications. This Committee also includes the Association’s electronic media assets such as the website, podcasts and videos production.

Chairperson:  Dr. Rick Stover
Co-Chairperson:  Eng. Mohammed Al Shahrani
Editor:   Dr. Corrado Sommariva

Education, Scholarship and Fellowship

IDA Scholarship, Education and Fellowship Committee administers the IDA Scholarship, Education and Fellowship programs. This committee recommends candidates for education programs and makes  appropriate awards according to program-specific criteria. This committee has  been conducting  a  serials of academy education programs world-wide. This committee also offer post graduate degree Masters Degree program and a Reverse Osmosis  Certification  program. The  IDA  scholarship and fellowship provides recipients with an unprecedented opportunity to spend time with a high profile and well-respected host agency to gain insight  into  the host agency’s operations, strategies, policies, and frontier of  desalination research. This committee finds candidates  for host agencies and host agencies for candidates.

Co-Chairpersons:  Dr. Ruan Guoling
Co-Chairperson: Mr. Youqing Li
Ms Li Linmei
Prof. In Kim
Dr. Corrado Sommariva
Prof. Noam Lior
Dr. Emilio Gabbrielli

Technical Programs

This Committee organizes all IDA Technical Programs including conferences, seminars, workshops and other events. In some cases, they are stand alone events, while others are co-sponsored or supported by IDA and other organizers. The roles for each event are reviewed and selected based on the stated criteria for acceptance and the agreed-upon role that IDA will play.

Chairperson: Mr. Borja Blanco
Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Mike Dixon
Mr. Guillaume Clairet
Mr. Joan Galtes
Dr. Blanca Jimenez-Cisneros
Prof. Maria Kennedy
Mr. Ralf Krueger
Mr. Hiep Le
Mr. Ravid Levy
Ms. Melissa Meeker
Mr. Wade Miller
Mr. Alistair Munro
Mr. Mehul Patel
Mr. Rodrigo Segovia
Mr. Troy Walker
Mr. Greg Wetterau
Mr. Domingo Zarzo

Special Committees


The role of this Committee is to review the ideas and concerns of each affiliate – both regional and association affiliates. The Committee should be composed of a representative from each affiliate.

Chairperson: Mr. Shawn Meyer-Steele (CaribDA)
Co-Chairperson:  Mr. Antonio Casanas (AEDyR)
Mr. Jose Joaquin Munoz Balbontin (ALADYR)
Mr. Greg Wetterau (AMTA)
Dr. Masaru Kurihara (APDA)
Dr. Mike Dixon (AWA)
Mr. Borja Blanco (EDS)
Dr. P.K. Tewari (InDA)
Mr. Yoshinari Fusaoka (JDA)
Dr. In S. Kim (KDPA)
Mr. Ziad Salibi (LDA)
Dr. Ruan Guoling (MIAC)
Mr. Fayyaz Mubeen (PakDA)
Mr. Tan Ngo Chiaw (SWA)
Eng. Mohammad Alshahrani (WDEC)
Mr. Ali Redha Hussain (WSTA)


This Committee nominates and selects the Best Paper Awards at the IDA World Congress and also nominates and selects candidates for special categories, such as Lifetime Achievements, World Water Masters Awards and others.  The Committee insures all authors and presenters are given an equal and fair chance to win.  They establish the selection criteria and evaluation methodology and determine the best way and time to announce the winners after the World Congress.  The Committee also promotes the awards within the two year term.

Chairperson: Dr. Nobuya Fujiwara
Co-Chairperson:  Mr. Domingo Zarzo Martinez
Mr. Greg Wetterau
Dr. Hideaki Kurokawa
Mr. Harry Seah
Dr. Ahmed Al-Arifi

Energy and Environmental Committee

The objective of the Energy and Environment Committee (EEC) is to encourage energy efficiency and environmental stewardship in desalination and water reuse projects by brokering knowledge of best available and most appropriate technologies and practices. The EEC draws from experts from the water industry, academia, research and technology institutes, consultancies, regional government water producers, and regulatory bodies.

In partnership with relevant IDA committees, EEC through its publications, meetings and conferences will continue to educate and advocate the critical importance of energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and consideration of environmental impact in desalination and water reuse. We will continue to work closely with Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance – H2O minus CO2, of which IDA is the founding member and Global Solar Council.

Specifically, the EEC in partnership with Technical Programs Committee, would organize a follow-up Forum/Conference in 2018 to assess the progress that has been achieved since the Miami Forum 2016.

Chairperson:  Mr. Leon Awerbuch
Mr. Devesh Sharma
Dr. Rick Stover
Mr. Juan Miguel Pinto
Dr. Ahmed Al Arifi
Mr. Nikolay Voutchkov
Mr. Michel Canet
Dr. Corrado Sommariva
Prof. John H. Lienhard V
Dr. Masaru Kurihara
Dr. In S Kim

Foundation/Public Outreach

The IDA Foundation Committee will build strategic alliances with utilities, industry, non-governmental organizations, governments, and international institutions to broaden the opportunities to support worthy activities in education, thought leadership and humanitarian endeavors related to water sustainability and the role of desalination and water reuse.

Chairperson: Ms. Shannon McCarthy
Mr. Abdulmajeed Alawadi
Mr. Borja Blanco
Mr. Adil Bushnak
Mr. Antonio Casanas
Dr. Emilio Gabbrielli
Dr. Ruan Gouling
Mr. Youqing Li
Mr. Juan Miguel Pinto
Ms. Blanca Salgado

Advisor:  Mr. James Birkett

Research and Development

This Committee reviews potential R&D development with other entities and offers guidance to facilitate capacity-building.

Chairperson: Dr. In S Kim
Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Hideaki Kurokawa
Dr. Ahmad Al-Amoudi
Dr. Don Anderson
Prof.  Tony Fane
Prof. Maria Kennedy
Prof.  John Lienhard
Mr. Aik Num Puah
Dr. Goulin Ruan
Prof.  Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder

Site Selection

This Committee is charged with reviewing all bids for the next IDA World Congress in 2019.  The Committee comprises a global cross-section and endeavors to discharge its duties in a clear, transparent manner, so as to ensure that the most suitable venue is chosen to host the event.

Chairperson: Mr. Maurice Neo
Co-Chairperson:  Mr. Mohammed Jaroudi
Mr. Borja Blanco
Mr. Carlos Cosin
Dr. Masaru Kurihara
Mr. Sean Meyer-Steele
Mr. Johnny Obeid
Mr. Juan Miguel Pinto
Mr. Miguel Angel Sanz
Mr. Greg Wetterau

Young Leaders Program

IDA’s Young Leaders Program allows emerging desalination leaders to connect, advance their careers, and promote interest in desalination around the world.

Chairperson:  Mr. Juan Miguel Pinto
Co-Chairperson:  Mr. Greg Wetterau
Mr. Mohamed Atta Aljaj
Mr. Magda Armendariz
Ms. Monica Boodhan
Ms. Holly Churman
Mr. Eduard Gasia Bruch
Mr. Rahul Hampaul
Ms. Naomi Jones
Mr. Nicholas Nelson
Dr. Muhammad Wakil Shahzad
Mr. Kamkshi Sharma
Mr. Michael Warady
Ex Officio: Ms. Shannon McCarthy on all committees