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Patricia A. Burke

Secretary General

/ paburke@idadesal.org

Ms. Burke is the IDA Secretary General and an officer on the Board of Directors for the International Desalination Association (IDA). Ms. Burke was one of the founding members of the Association and has been actively involved in IDA and its predecessors since 1973.

In her capacity as the Secretary General, she is responsible for the Association’s activities from congresses, seminars, workshops, publications and website in all areas of the globe.

Ms. Burke has been a member of the US Water Resources Export Council, IDA Director and a NWSIA Director. She has led a number of US Dept of Commerce Missions and is a representative to the United Nations NGOs. She maintains membership in many professional societies.

our staff

Karen A. Zilinek

Deputy to the Secretary General / Director of Operations

/ kzilinek@idadesal.org

In addition to planning and managing logistics for IDA’s World Congress and Conferences, Karen also assists and supports the Secretary General in her responsibilities and assists in the management of the internal day-to-day functions of the Secretariat. Karen also oversees the IDA Academy and marketing communications efforts of the organization.

our staff

Darlene A. Seta

World Congress and Technical Programs Manager

/ dseta@idadesal.org

Darlene is responsible for the technical programs for IDA’s biennial World Congress and Conferences. She oversees production of the World Congress Proceedings and maintains IDA’s extensive database of manuscripts submitted for IDA events.

our staff

Nancy T. Pagels

Member Services and Finance Manager

/ npagels@idadesal.org

Nancy is responsible for membership services for IDA and is the IDA contact for Affiliate Relations activities. She also manages the Young Leaders Program and is responsible for planning and logistics for IDA Board Meetings. Internally, she is in charge of IDA’s accounting and budgeting activities and is the Human Resources Liaison.

our staff

Michele M. Pszenny

Office Manager

/ mpszenny@idadesal.org

Michele is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks at the IDA Headquarters. She assists with membership administration, is the liaison for visitors to the IDA Headquarters, and coordinates the travel planning and calendar for the entire office.

our staff

Patti Gorman

Project Coordinator

/ pgorman@idadesal.org

As the Project Coordinator, Patti is responsible for documentation and administrative support to the Project Manager and assigned Project Execution Team. She also liaisons with Conference/World Congress authors for their submissions to the Paper Management Site and the IDA Desalination Academy.

our staff

Mary-Beth Cuzner

Marketing Communications Coordinator

/ mcuzer@idadesal.org

Mary-Beth supports the Association’s marketing operations and business development efforts. She assists with the coordination, implementation and production of a wide range of communication efforts including social media marketing and graphic design.