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Shannon McCarthy

Secretary General

/ smccarthy@idadesal.org

Ms. McCarthy has over 20 years experience working internationally and specifically with the Middle East and North Africa region, more so in the GCC and specifically with Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Authority in the field of water sustainability, research and application of non-conventional water resource technologies. She has served the International Desalination Association in the role of First Vice President, Chair of the Foundation and Public Outreach Committee, member of the Operations Committee, member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and champion for the development of the IDA Sustainable Water Resources Foundation establishment process.

Prior to IDA, Ms. McCarthy, served as a Partner of United4Water, a consulting firm operating in the water, food and energy sectors, providing strategic advice and assistance in business development, project planning and management, capacity building, environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

She was the Deputy Center Director of the Middle East Desalination Research Center, an international intergovernmental non-profit organization, born through the Water Working Group of the Middle East Peace Process and based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman with Diplomatic status. She has a strong record of mobilizing resources and bringing together stakeholders from both government and the private sector to support education, scientific research, professional training programs, and specialized technology workshops and conferences related to advanced treatment technologies and water sustainability.

Ms. McCarthy completed an executive study program related to Public Policy and Management for Infrastructure Development at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and holds a BA degree in International Relations, specializing in US – Soviet relations, from San Francisco State University.

our staff

Karen A. Zilinek

Deputy Secretary General / Director of Operations

/ kzilinek@idadesal.org

In addition to planning and managing logistics for IDA’s World Congress and Conferences, Karen supports the Secretary-General in the management of the Secretariat. Karen has over 25+ years of business experience in office operations, contract negotiation, event management, marketing communications, sales and business development and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business management from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

our staff

Darlene A. Seta

World Congress and Technical Programs Manager

/ dseta@idadesal.org

Darlene is responsible for the technical programs for IDA’s biennial World Congress and Conferences. She oversees production of the World Congress Proceedings and maintains IDA’s extensive database of manuscripts submitted for IDA events.

our staff

Michele M. Pszenny

Office Manager

/ mpszenny@idadesal.org

Michele is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks at the IDA Headquarters. She assists with membership administration, is the liaison for visitors to the IDA Headquarters, and coordinates the travel planning and calendar for the entire office.