Nomination start dateJune 6, 2017
Nomination close dateJuly 26, 2017
Voting for the 2017-2019 Board of Directors Election OpensAugust 9, 2017
Voting for the 2017-2019 IDA Board of Directors Election ClosesSeptember 27, 2017
Results Announced and PostedOctober 1, 2017


All persons who have been continuous active members in the IDA since June 6, 2016 are eligible to stand for election. One of the major criteria in considering candidates is their ability to provide leadership and make significant positive contributions to IDA. Candidates should be knowledgeable about IDA’s mission and policies and be prepared to assist in further developing IDA’s vision, programs and services. In addition, they should be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time to their duties should they be elected; for example, directors are expected to prepare for and attend two board meetings per year, actively participate in IDA’s committees, undertake special assignments and respond promptly to communications from Committee Chairpersons and IDA Headquarters.

All nominations should be sent to the IDA office to the attention of IDA Secretary General, Ms. Patricia A. Burke, at Current directors who wish to stand for re-election should email Patricia Burke prior to July 25, 2017.

Candidate Eligibility

To be placed on the ballot, candidates must have been: (1) selected by the Membership and Elections (M&E) Committee; (2) proposed by letter or petition by at least five Class I and Class II members or their designated representatives from the same region; or (3) submit a written request to the M&E Committee to be considered for election and be sponsored by at least five Class I and Class II members or their designated representatives.
Candidates must be prepared to serve the desalination and water reuse community as a whole rather than espouse the particular interest of any single entity. They must maintain confidentiality when appropriate, and avoid prejudiced judgments on specific issues.  The candidate should also have standing within the desalination and water reuse industry.

Regional Representation

In order to assure proper regional representation, directorships are allocated in proportion to the number of Class I and Class II members in good standing in each region. Twenty-one directors may be elected to the Board of Directors, and each region may have at least one and no more than seven. Based on the membership numbers, the regional allocation of Directors for the 2017 election is as follows:

Latin America/Caribbean1
Middle East/Africa7
North America4
Pacific Asia4


Directors are elected by a direct vote of IDA’s Class I and Class II members. The Membership and Elections Committee asks that each candidate provide a biography and brief description of what he or she intends to contribute to the Association. Ballots will be posted on the website on August 8, 2017 and voting will begin. IDA members will be able to log in and vote electronically. Voting will close on September 27, 2017. Results will be posted on the IDA website by October 1, 2017 and members will be notified of the results by email.

For more information on the Director elections, please contact Patricia Burke at