Conference Theme

This conference aims to explore further the market potential of innovative desalination solutions in the traditional municipal infrastructure market that will steadily drive us towards a sustainable water supply. In addition, the technical program will showcase examples of desalination and seawater / wastewater treatment cases where the potential for optimization and applications of desalination technology can offer more sustainable water solutions to industries such as oil and gas as well as another rapidly growing sector, mining.

While the first session of the conference explores some of the future techniques that may expand the existing portfolio of processes for water production, innovation returns as an important theme in almost each session of the conference. Innovation is a key to improving sustainability of water solutions, reducing the energy and carbon footprint of desalination, and decreasing the cost of water.

Continuing in the tradition of IDA’s Humanitarian Outreach Program that was introduced in 2011, space has been allocated in the technical program to address emergency solutions that can enable a supply of potable water to areas affected by humanitarian catastrophes.

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Conference will provide a forum to discuss

  • Innovative solutions to achieve more sustainable water production.
  • New processes and advances in water desalination as well as initiatives for energy optimization and energy savings in existing installation.
  • Defining initiatives whereby advances in desalination can provide optimal solutions to infrastructure markets.
  • Advance water reuse as a critical issue in managing water resources.
  • The use of desalination pretreatment and water reuse techniques in oil and gas markets.
  • New desalination and water-related technologies applied to oil and gas and the potential for future optimization and development.
  • Potentials for developing new solutions for both municipal and industry markets.
  • The latest developments and policies required to enable a more rigorous environmental monitoring of desalination technologies.
  • The renewable energy coupling to desalination processes, ideas and solutions.
  • Desalination for disaster relief, emergency and remote locations.

Paper Topics

IDA invites new and original papers in the following subject areas reflecting the achievements and future challenges in the field of desalination and water reuse.

  • Renewable Water Needs
  • Opening Markets for Infrastructure
  • Renewable Desalination
  • Water for Oil and Gas
  • Emergency Solutions