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Read Amane Advisors’ Series on “Digital Transformation in the Water Sector”in IDA Connections.

The term “digital transformation” seems to be popping up everywhere, across most sectors. Is this a drive-by-trend that we will witness in the water sector, or is it the beginning of a long-lasting, fundamental shift in the way water is delivered to society?

Amane Advisors is engaged in a landmark project that explores digital transformation in the water sector and has authored a series of articles on the topic for our Trendwatch column, starting with our May/June 2017 issue.

We invite you to follow the series, which is being made available here on IDA’s website. Follow the links below to read the first two installments.

  1. Digital Transformation in the Water Sector, Part One: Digital Is a Priority
  2. Digital Transformation in the Water Sector, Part Two: Developing and Executing a Digital Strategy – Why Water Sector Utilities, Technology Providers and Service Providers Have the Most to Gain