Water Reuse and Conservation Awards

Nominations are OPEN

The IDA 2018 Conference will be presenting three awards for recognition in the area of Water Reuse and Conservation.  Nominations are now being accepted and should be submitted to awards@idadesal.org on or before the deadline of May 25, 2018.  Winners will be chosen by members of the IDA Water Reuse and Conservation Award Committee and announced on June 25 during the Evening at the Palace and Award Presentations at the IDA 2018 international Conference on Water Reuse and Recycling in VALENCIA, SPAIN.

For nomination please complete the forms in the individual categories below:

Award Categories (3)

Award Guidelines

PURPOSE OF THE AWARDS: Recognition in the area of Water Reuse and Conservation.

AWARD:  A commemorative award will be presented and one year IDA membership to each of the three recipients.

Eligibility for the Award:  Both IDA members and non-members are eligible to receive a water reuse and conservation award.  The Nominees should be well-recognized experts with accomplishments in the industry and in the field based on at least 5 years of experience – as explained in each award category.

FREQUENCY OF THE AWARDS: No more than one award per category will be given every two years.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Submit the nominee’s full name and address, and complete biographical information on each nominee on the entry form provided by IDA along with supporting information on the key accomplishments of the proposed nominee.

NOMINATION PROCEDURE: A nomination for the award may be submitted by any professional who is actively engaged in water reuse and conservation. Both self- and peer nominations are welcome. The award nominations have to be submitted to the Secretary General of IDA who in turn will transmit them for consideration to the IDA Water Reuse and Conservation Award Selection Committee.

NOMINATION OR SUBMISSION DEADLINE: All nominations must be submitted by using and completing the provided form for each award at least ninety (90) days prior to the first day of the next IDA Water Reuse and Conservation Conference (for 2016 the submission deadline is June 25, 2016).

AWARD COMMITTEE MEMBERS: The Water Reuse and Conservation Award Committee is composed of no less than two (2) persons who are members of the IDA Board of Directors. At their discretion, the Committee may solicit support from ad-hoc members outside of the IDA Board of Directors. Members on this Committee are not eligible to receive an award.

METHOD OF SELECTING AWARD RECIPIENTS: The Secretary General of IDA will transmit all nominations to the Water Reuse and Conservation Award Committee members for evaluation and consideration, and if warranted, the committee will select the Award recipient twenty (25) days prior to the next IDA Water Reuse Conference. The announcement of the successful nominee will be withheld until the conference.

PRESENTATION OF THE AWARDS: The award will be presented at the IDA Technical Conference on Water Reuse by the IDA Award Committee Chair. The presentation will be formally announced by its publication in the IDA newsletter, announcements in other professional journals, IDA website and presented at the IDA Technical Conference on Water Reuse.

2018 Selection Committee

Mr. Borja Blanco, Spain
Dr. Mike Dixon, Canada
Dr. Domingo Zarzo, Spain

Dr. Ahmed Al-Arifi, UAE
Dr. Nobuya Fujiwara, Japan
Dr. Hideaki Kurokawa, Japan
Mr. Harry Seah, Singapore
Mr. Greg Wetterau, USA