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Presenting Author(s) in the IDA 2018 International Water Reuse and Recycling Conference information Center and frequently ask questions can be viewed here.

PRESENTER REQUIREMENTS (included in the Conference Publications and Proceedings)

Extended Abstract (3-4 page)

PowerPoint Presentation (26 slides max) unless specified otherwise by the Session Chairperson

Photo and Bio (uploaded/entered into the author user profile)

Brief Introduction (entered into the author user profile)

Draft PowerPoint presentations are required for review in advance of the Final.

All submissions must be made on-line and to the Presenter Center of the IDA Website: USER LOG-IN

Accuracy of all submission information is the responsibility of the submitting Author/presenter.

Only files uploaded to the IDA site will be reviewed and considered. Email files sent to IDA or Session

Co-chairs will NOT be considered unless by special request.


All submissions will be evaluated on the basis of contribution and impact, originality, accuracy, quality of presentation, and appropriate comparison to related works. Additionally, the submission should state the paper’s purpose, new results and conclusions and must be written in English.

All who have submitted will be notified via email regarding acceptance or denial. Those accepted will be expected to abide by the participation requirements as outlined by IDA and will need to signoff in agreement. Those denied or pending acceptance will be advised as such.

All submissions are viewed as confidential by the Congress Technical Program Committee members and their Session Co-chairs during the review process up to the publication time of the Proceedings.

English is the official language of the Conference. All content must be submitted in English.

All content within the submission(s) is formatted according to IDA’s Requirements and using the provided templates.

Presenter Biography, Introduction and Contact Information

All Presenter information is collected online. Do Not include contact information on manuscripts; the system is designed to pull required or chosen fields for publications and the Proceedings.

Presenters are generally one of the authors. If your presenter is not one of the authors, please enter them as an author and send an email to Ms. Darlene Seta at papers@idadesal.org. Please be sure to include the Paper ID Number in the subject of your email.

Author Information:

All Author information is collected online. Do not include contact information on the Abstract; the Presenter Center system is designed to pull required or chosen fields for publications and the Proceedings. Any contact information placed on the manuscript should follow references and should be titled as Contact Information.


The IDA prohibits presentations that constitute promotion and/or advertising. This specifically includes pervasive or inappropriate use of logos. Presentations that are sole descriptions of a program, publication or product will not be accepted nor tolerated by the participants. Statements made should not be viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal position taken on any product, subject, or issue by the IDA.


The IDA is not in a position to provide funding of any sort or amount to participate and/or attend the Congress. As a non-profit association, Delegates, Presenters, including Session Co-chairs and IDA’s own Board of Directors will be responsible for all costs associated with participating in this event.

Members of IDA are offered a discount for registration. It is the IDA’s recommendation that those in need of financial assistance seek it through local support and secure arrangements long before acceptance in the program.


All program and logistic questions or concerns should be directed to the IDA Conference and Technical Program Manager, Ms. Darlene Seta at conferences@idadesal.org and should subject the email with IDA18CF-WR&R and the Assigned ID Number in reference.