Sunday, June 24

Half day Course:

State of the Art in Water Reuse: Conventional Tertiary Treatments and Advanced Technologies

Conducted by: Mr. Antonio Casanas & Dr. Domingo Zarzo


This half-day course will be focused on the importance of reuse as a new water resource, looking at the global water scarcity situations concerning water quality and health implications.

A review of the available technologies will be done including conventional tertiary treatments, advanced treatment, membranes or soft technologies, contemplating aspects such as efficiency and costs.  Case studies will be analyzed for different applications and uses.


9.00-9.15        Registration, presentations, and introduction

9.15-9.45        State of the Art of Reuse – Global data, needs, current situation and Regulation

9:45- 10:15    Water quality and health risks (pollutants, microbiology, emerging pollutants, etc.)

10:15- 11.15     Conventional tertiary treatments, advanced technologies (advanced oxidation) and soft technologies

11.15- 11.45     Refreshment break

11.45-12.45     Membrane tertiary treatments and MBRs

12.45-13.30    Case studies of different technologies and uses, costs.

13.30 End of the course

Cost:  250Euros/300USD

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