Technical Program


Panel 1: The Big Debate: Water Reuse Regulations in Europe, USA and Asia

Moderator: Mr. Carlos Cosin Fernandez, CEO of Almar Water, IDA Director
Panelists:  Mrs. Conchita Marcuello, CEDEX engineer from Centro de Estudios Hidrográ cos at the Directorate General of Water, Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Mr. Mehul V. Patel, Director of Water Production, Orange County Water District, and a representative from the Singapore Public Utilities Board.

This panel will discuss the big debate on water reuse regulations in Europe, USA and Asia. Panelists have been directly involved in the development of
these regulations offering an experienced viewpoint. These regulations define and cover the various uses, requirements and advantages in using water reuse technology to meet growing water needs for agriculture, industry and urban uses, as well as aquifer recharge, to offset water needs. The regulations represent a fundamental foundation for many countries and government regulatory bodies to establish their local directives and allow expansion of the reuse market.

Panel 2: Practical financial tools: Meeting necessary financing requirements to adapt wastewater plants to the new era of reclaimed wastewater reuse

Moderators: Mr. Gonzalo Delacámara, Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator of Water Economics at IMDEA Water Research Foundation and Mr. Eduardo Orteu from the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (*)
Panelists: World Bank, FAO, UNESCO, CAF Development Bank for Latin America

Panelist will discuss specific programs and tools they use to finance and develop water reuse infrastructure projects to meet irrigation and urban needs, and other water requirements. The discussion will focus on policy priorities by use and region. In addition, panelists will discuss international financial tools available to expand the necessary infrastructure to equip existing facilities to new demands and uses.

Technical Program Sessions will address a number of topics including:

  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Direct and indirect potable reuse
  • Non-potable and agricultural re-use
  • Water quality monitoring and control
  • Advanced technologies for joint desalination and water reuse
  • Industrial water reuse and recycling
  • Direct Potable Reuse – The global state of play.
  • Best Practices in Reuse from the USA, Europe, Australia and Chile.
  • Dealing with extreme drought – the South African situation in 2018.
  • Industrial Water Reuse – innovations and practices across oil and gas, food and beverage, and textile.
  • Emerging health concerns from organic micro-pollutants and validating log removal credits in major systems.